Furniture & Equipment Leasing

Leasing your office furniture can be a really smart way to buy the Office Furniture solution you know you need.  There are many benefits to leasing office furniture particularly during uncertain economic times when businesses want to hang onto capital and cash as much as possible. harrisongreen offers a cost-effective and flexible leasing option.

Leasing your Office Furniture offers many benefits including:


  • - A simple fixed payment rather than a large cash outlay
  • - You pay nothing until your equipment is delivered
  • - No strain on your existing credit facilities
  • - Terms available to suit your budget
  • - The flexibility to upgrade or add equipment in the future





Office seating is really important for your staff's well being.  But budgets are often restrictive and businesses end up scrimping on unsuitable chairs for users who are spending more time in them than they do at home!  Re-Equipping your whole office with the best seating for the users will bring a whole host of benefits and your staff will feel valued.  leasing helps spread the cost of this investment in your staff.

You can install office furniture that will help your office productivity, but when budgets are tight you can get the quality and style you would like rather than settle for second best! .....  and spread the difference over up to five years so will hardly notice the difference - but get all the benefits.

So please just give us a call and one of our furniture specialist can run through your requirements and we can prepare some quotations for you. As an example though a £10,000 installation spread over 5 years would be less than £249 a month! But just call us and we can give you more exact figures for your project!

Office Furniture Leasing - Download

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